• Kistaraq Aneraq Mikol Egede
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
This is a two-part project about the need for personal development planning tools among youth in Greenland. The first part researched the existing personal guidance tools available for the youth with focus on both human or non-human tools in Greenland and Denmark.
This second part focalizes on the youths’ side of the story. Which enactments they conduct to develop themselves, which human and nonhuman tools they use, and their view of a good life and how to reach it. Furthermore, analysis and discussion of the Government of Greenland’s role in this is also included.
This project is about the different kinds of enactments in personal development planning, therefore Mol’s (2002) praxiography perspective is used as the theoretical framing and Grounded Theory as inspiration to the methodology supplemented with Situational Analysis. Both online and offline research were used to collect data. To collect the enactment stories, interviews and observations were conducted in three towns and three hamlets in both West- and Eastgreenland.
The primary conclusion is that youth in Greenland do not do what they say they will do when the talk is about education as a road to good life, and thus makes education void in trying to reach a good life, as the Government of Greenland says it is.
Keywords: Greenland, Nuu, Paamiut, Qeqertarsuatsiaat, Tasiilaq, Kuummiit, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Kulusuk, youth, personal development planning, praxiography, enactments, Greenland Government
Publication date13 Jun 2016
Number of pages58
External collaboratorCenter for National Vejledning
Vejleder Kistâra Motzfeldt Vahl kiva@aqqut.gl
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