• Lena Marianne Coy Jørgensen
4. term, English, Master (Master Programme)
This study is about young peoples’ increasing luxury brand consumption. The tendency is that the global luxury market is going young and young affluents are becoming the key target market for luxury goods. In particular, young women have come to play an increasingly important role in the global luxury market. In Denmark, there is likewise a tendency of young big-spending consumers. The aim of the thesis is to identify the importance of the brands for young Danish consumers, and to understand the role luxury brands play in their lives. Investigating the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of luxury brands is the focal point of this thesis. This empirical, qualitative study is based on interviews with five selected Danish young women who are frequent luxury brand consumers. Based on a theoretical framework on luxury consumption, non-personal and personal factors of the consumers’ luxury consumption are examined. A second theoretical framework on the country-of-origin, explores the influences a product’s country of origin have on brand perception of quality and prestige. The results of this study are giving a picture of the nature of young Danish luxury consumers, and how brands are used for both personal and social motives. The results are also illustrating the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the Chinese luxury brand, Shanghai Tang, on a Danish market.
Publication date2009
Number of pages572
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 17994475