• Mowsumi Ahmed
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
Every year the number of immigrants is increasing in Denmark from western and non-western countries and the integration of immigrants has become a major issue in Danish Society. A huge number of Bangladeshi immigrants come to Denmark every year for the purpose of getting higher education and employement. After completing their studies along with gaining some technical and soft skills they can get into the job market. And they can easily settle down permanently. On the contrary, some of them move back to their home country or some even look for other options. However, those who reside in Denmark permanently tend to integrate into Danish Society for many reasons. In their integration process, they are to go through an ups and downs. In this study, I tried to understand the perception of Bangladeshi immigrants about their integration into Danish Society. Besides, the perception of living of the Bangladeshi diaspora is also identified in this study. Understanding these issues will be helpful in a sense to the integration process of the immigrants and their contribution to the society. In this study, I have adopted interpretive phenomenological strategy and thematic analysis method for analyzing the collected primary data. In this research, I found that cultural differences generate some challenges for the immigrants in the integration process. They prefer to integrate in the Danish Society as it offers them some social and economic benefit. In this project I have focused mainly to discuss the experienced Bagladeshi immigrants acknowledged during the integration into Danish society.
Publication date14 Oct 2022
Number of pages49
ID: 490633418