Perceived Challenge

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Dan Jensen
  • Kim Jung Nissen
  • Morten Justesen
4. term, Software Development, Master (Master Programme)

The Game AI concept Behavior Tree (BT) is presented and formalized.

A method for evaluating BT diversity and challenge is devised. The BT system SMARTS is revised for performance and stability, and expanded by adding a general perception system. The SMARTS integration into the Gluon game engine is completed. A game, The Quantum Sea, is constructed to allow evaluation of these.

Evaluation shows that the measurements are useful, and indicates that the revised SMARTS system with scheduler and perception system functions better than the previous version.

The Qt-based Gluon framework is shown to be useful, if currently lacking in certain features.

Publication date4 Jun 2010
Number of pages200
Publishing institutionComputer Science
ID: 32425341