• Kaspar Pawlak
  • Giovanni Lombardo
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis presented a collaborative project between Aalborg University and Vesthimmerland Museum in Aars (Denmark), which consisted of the development of a mobile application for smartphone devices, where the user can navigate through a virtual environment showing a 3D reconstruction of the museum building. In the application, the user can collect and read information related to the museum itself and its architect Per Kirkeby, scattered around the museum building. A theoretical study was conducted, consisting of the comparison of usability, intuitiveness and ease of use between two different navigation controls, one where the user has control of their position and rotation inside the virtual environment, and one where they can control their orientation, but only move position between pre-determined positions, which was called \textit{explorative} and \textit{guided} controls respectively. A pilot test conducted with university students allowed for the identification of several usability problems, and later a user test conducted at the museum itself with target users of old age was performed. The tests consisted of measuring the usability of the application through a mix of comparative questionnaires and SUS scores for each control scheme. The data collected did not give statistically significant results that implied that one control was more usable than the other or that preferences from the test participants trended towards either control scheme. Statements and opinions from test participants gathered during the test seem to indicate that both control schemes had bugs that severely affected the results. The pilot test with university students seem to indicate that younger users have less difficulty in using the interaction paradigms presented through the control schemes, but they did however also seem to have trouble with the swipe rotation sensitivity.
Publication date27 May 2019
External collaboratorVesthimmerlands Museum
Maria Clement Hagstrup mch@vmus.dk
ID: 304500440