• Lingfeng Liu
  • Daniel Klokmose Nielsen
This project is concerned about development and estimation of a parametric model to describe nominal and dispersive values of DoA (Direction of Arrival) or DoD (Direction of Departure) and delay for a radio propagation channel. As parametric model a joint FB5 and truncated Gaussian is derived along with an approximated model using a multivariate truncated Gaussian. Both are maximum entropy models. The Maximum Likelihood Estimator is approximated by the Space-Alternating Generalized Maximization-Expectation algorithm, which requires an appropriate design of data spaces and proper initialization. Scenarios with time variant and invariant radio propagation channels are examined with synthetic and measurement data to assess the performance and validate the proposed parametric model. The SAGE estimator works and the results are consistent with other estimators.
Publication date2007
Number of pages116
Publishing institutionDepartment of Communication Technology
ID: 9926615