På sporet af intuitionen og dens vildfarelser

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Lisbet Bang Hjardemaal Riecke
4. term, Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
The present examination report is called: “On the scent of the abilities and misguid-ance’s of intuition” and is a result of former research that arose an interest in three unsolved factors with relation to research into intuition. 1). Clarification of its concepts, 2). Its value of cognition, 3). The explanation of the irrational aspect of intuition.

With a starting point in the above problems, the following research question is:
Which role does intuition and seemingly intuitive thoughts play in relation to human recognition?

To investigate the above, a multidisciplinary integrative research method is used. First a literature review issued as a foundation for a concept analysis, which gives a historical, theoretical and scientific understanding of the concept intuition. Theoretically the principal psychological directions i.e. personality, developmental, cognition, social, evolutionary and biological are included together with a Zen Buddhist view.

Based on the concept analysis a new unified intuition theory with different levels and forms of intuition is formed – “The universal process of intuition where” intuition is a psychologically conditioned recall process that gathers all information, so that the individual has the ability to get immediate insight in the totality of an object related or inter human situation”.

This process functions between different levels and is being considered as the con-nection between the emotional and the rational levels.

A qualitative interview inquiry with 6 respondents is then carried through to confirm or deny the analysis of concepts and the theory about the universal process of intuition. The result shows that intuition is a psychological process that organizes the individual’s recognitions according to earlier experiences and that the limited knowledge about the function of intuition together with physical and psychical conditions often makes it misguiding.

Finally an idea of a systematic review as further research is proposed in order to find an appropriate research method to further examine the theory of the universal intuition.
Publication date28 May 2014
Number of pages79


ID: 197983633