• Ragnhild Batseba Ødegaard Skaugen
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
This study explores what bicyclist types we have in Oslo, if these types display different preference for different infrastructure designs and what implications this has for promoting bicycling in Oslo. The bicyclist types were created using a cluster analysis yielding a five-dimensional typology with three types. These were the Conscious Concerned, the Laid-back Rebels and the Speedy Unafraid. An investigation of the bicyclist types’ preference for different bicycle infrastructure designs showed that the Conscious Concerned prefer to bike in the immediate environment, but choose the routes with low traffic load; the Speedy Unafraid seek out routes with good flow, separate bicycle paths or large connections, and can go “out of their way” to reach these connections; and the Laid-back Rebel bikes in the immediate environment, but does not necessarily bother to seek out the routes with low traffic load. A denser bicycle network is an essential provision in order to facilitate for bicycling for the first two types, while a bicycle expressway would benefit the Speedy Unafraid.
Publication date17 Sept 2015
Number of pages109
External collaboratorInstitute of Transport Economics
Aslak Fyhri af@toi.no
ID: 218978716