• Majbrit Mortensen
  • Jakob Ørtved
This thesis deals with orthophoto production based on aerial photographs taken from a radio controlled helicopter. The production is done in the software PhotoModeler Scanner. The preliminary analysis outlines the legal restrictions, the difference between Danish and Swedish law, and how an orthophoto is produced the traditional way. In the main analysis the three camera parameters; aperture, ISO and shutter speed are examined. It is concluded that they must be adapted to the weather conditions. Approximately halfway through the project, the cooperation with Green Stick Studio is stopped, since it was not possible to find a suitable day for flying. Instead the orthophoto production is made on the basis of a series of images from a group in Ballerup. The result is first assessed visually, which concluded that there are no major visual differences. Then the point cloud from PhotoModeler Scanner is compared with measured targets. This comparison shows that the height deviation is 11.7 cm with an expected of 6.3 cm. Subsequently the plane coordinates of the orthophoto are compared with the coordinates of the targets. Here the deviation is 7.1 cm with an expected of 2.3 cm. Finally the accuracy of the final orthophoto is computed to 14.1 cm. Finally it is concluded that it is possible to produce an orthophoto in PhotoModeler Scanner with images taken from a helicopter with a reasonable accuracy.
Publication date7 Jun 2012
Number of pages92
ID: 63636711