• Thomas Rieks Andersen
4. term, Chemistry, Master (Scient) (Master Programme)
This master thesis had the intent to develop a low
band gap novel electron accepter oligomer with
improved electron transport and acceptance
properties. By adding electron withdrawing
groups onto thiophenes linked to a known
electron accepter core selected on the basis of
band gaps of already prepared molecules as well
as the position of the LUMO level in order to
maximize solar cells performance.
bis(dicarboximide) and 3,3’dinitro-2,2’-
dithiophene were chosen as the electron accepter
core and side chain respectively. The end
molecule could not be synthesized due to
problem with the formation of 2-octyldodecyl-1-
amine and Stille coupling reagent.
1,8,4,5-bis(dicarboximide) was obtained by Stille
coupling. Its properties were tested with UV/vis
spectroscopy and in organic solar cells with
Poly(3-hexylthiophene) as electron donor. An
efficiency of 0.084 % was obtained, the device
was annealed which let to a decrease in
efficiency to 0.055%.
Publication date5 Aug 2010
Number of pages66
ID: 35271792