• Peter Bruus
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
In this thesis I show how cultural changes in a Danish slaughterhouse leads to
an informal Community of Practice. The employees act independently, flexible
and dynamic in accordance with the technological challenges they face to
insure an effective production. Because of these actions, the employee’s challenge
the formal tayloristic structures in which the managers seek greater control.
The thesis is based on Action-research in which the Sensemaking Model
is utilized based on Karl E. Weick’s theory of sensemaking and Chris Argyris’s
theory of organizational traps. In collaboration with Danish Meat Research Institute
three workshops involving interdisciplinary workgroups were held and
the results are evaluated as to whether this method can be used as consulting
Publication date2016
External collaboratorKim Schøtt Olsen
Kim Schøtt Olsen kio@teknologisk.dk
ID: 235098468