• Peter Smedegaard Ulmer
Background: Reusable cups are assessed to be a more sustainable alternative to single-use use cups at events. The basis of this claim has primarily concerned to studies on its environmental footprint and that it is necessary for the alternative to be used a sufficient number of times in order for it to become more sustainable. Literature on how consumers can contribute to the system is limited and this forms the basis of this thesis.
Methods: Interviews with experts in the field of study, interviews with participants at the event to identify consumer behavior, and observations at an event to identify external subsystems to the reusable cup system that can impact the opportunity to change consumer behaviour.
Conclusion: In order for the reusable cups to be a more sustainable alternative than single-use cups at events optimizations of the system is required so it can effectively change the behavior of consumers and increase the return rate of the reusable cups.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date12 Aug 2022
Number of pages95
ID: 481804126