• Carlos Matallana Espinar
In this project is implemented an iterative algorithm. to determine the linear transmit
and receive beamforming filters maximizing the sum-rate of cooperative MIMO
system. The channel state information (CSI) of all links is assumed to be known at the
transmitters. The algorithm is based on recent papers [5] showing the relation
between Weighted Minimum Mean Square Error (WMMSE) and Weighted Sum Rate
(WSR) on MIMO Broadcast Channels. This connection allows us to solve the transmit
filter with a low complexity algorithm and numerical results shows the algorithm
performance is achieved with few iterations. Another contribution of this project is to
study the effects when we are working with real measurement data. Real
measurement data has been taken in Aalborg (Denmark) and it has tested with the
mentioned algorithm. It is shown how real data can be treated with signal processing
to test its behavior compared to theoretical channels. Several ways to manipulate real
data has been done and the comparison between them for the purpose to realize how
it can affect the achievable rate at users. It is concluded and shown that real data
cannot achieve the best rate performance due to its imperfections, being the
unbalance between branch power ratio the largest detrimental effect.
Publication date2011
Number of pages96
ID: 58354299