Optimisation of Personal Ventilation in Aircrafts

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Tomasz Czarnota
  • Michał Jasieński
The key case in the report is working on optimization of personal ventilation in aircrafts. First part of research is dedicated to improving shapes and dimensions of textile ventilating surfaces. Seat strap and seat cover are investigated. As a conclusion prototype of angled seat cover is invented. Second part covers measurements in cabin section model. New systems, combined with Personal Ventilation, are taken into consideration. Results for Mixing Ventilation with PV and Displacement Ventilation with PV are shown in Tables and Figures. In addition, effectiveness’s, ventilation index and air quality index, as an important factor in protecting passengers from cross infections, are presented for particular models. All the experiments base on breathing thermal manikins usage. The measurements results for velocity, temperature and tracer gas concentration, as a contamination, are included. Simulations done in Computational Fluid Dynamics program, called FloVent are conducted, provide additional information about air movements, temperatures and contaminants distributions.
Publication date2008
Number of pages233
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 14438072