Optimization of the burden box in the Danish Land Register

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Nanna Birk Larsen
  • Annemette Getreuer Micheelsen
  • Jakob Thomsen
The focus of this thesis is to optimise the burden box in the Danish Land Register, so it only contains up-to-date relevant information and to make this information readily available. The thesis hypothesizes that the burden box in the Land Register contains numerous easement that are of no current or present interest to the easement holder. Divided into two parts, the thesis contains a problem analysis and a section outlining a proposed solution.

In the problem analysis the hypothesis is tested and the problems regarding the Land Regis-ter’s informational value and accessibility to the registered easements will be established. This is assessed on the basis of interviews with the chairman of the Danish surveyor associ-ation, Henning Elmstrøm, and Dr. jur. at the University of Copenhagen, Peter Mortensen, and furthermore through participation in a meeting with The Land Registration Court (Tin-glysningsretten). A questionnaire completed by a number of surveyors is included to clarify whether they experience these problems in general practice.

The thesis’s solution section is initiated by listing the problems that require attention, cf. the problem analysis. These problems are chosen on the basis of the discussion in the problem analysis. An overall solution model is put forward and it consists of three parts. The overall model includes discarding the easements which are no longer of interest, making the system future-proof so new easements will be discarded as soon as they become irrelevant and improving the structure in the burden box in the Land Register. Then, three specific solution models are presented. They are inspired by previous attempts to improve the burden box in Denmark, Sweden’s attempt to solve their problems with easements which are no longer of interest and the surveyors’ enhancement proposals. The specific model which solves the list of problems the best is recommended. The recommended model consists of, inter alia, a preclusion of older easements, mandatory time limitation on new easements, registration of new easements on the dominant property as well as hyperlinks to the registered easement documents.
Publication date10 Jun 2015
Number of pages107
ID: 213905142