Optimising of the cooperation in the construction phases

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Troels Pedersen
  • Michael Arp Christensen
This Master’s Thesis begins with an explanation of the efficiency problems in the Danish construction industry. The efficiency problem, is founded in poor communication between the construction phases. Therefore a study of the construction phases, especially the gab between the phases, is commenced. The outcome of the study, should be a potential solution to the problem. The gap between the phases is defined, as a gap between the different expertise’s in the construction phases. The main issue here is, that the people who, are involved in the construction project, do not exchange there expertise and knowledge with each other. The lose of value in the process is derive from lack in knowledge sharing and proper communication. With the given issue in mind, the thesis are trying to give a solution to, how the project organization can be assembled, so that the project do not lose any value, critical to the project.
The lack of proper handover contains several aspects, i.a. the procurement rules or the time, prize vs. quality issues. The assumption is; if the quality in the project organization is ideal, then the quality of the end product is ideal.
Based on a interview with Værdiskabende Byggeproces, that is an industry association formed to create more value in the construction process, a number of theories was drawn. Additionally to the first interview, a number of specific interviews, with different key personnel in the construction industry, was made. These people confirmed the thesis about the lack of knowledge sharing a poor communication. Based on theory from a literature review and the empirical data from the interviews, the thesis statement was drawn up. The thesis statement:
“How can the project organization be formed, thus the communication between the construction phases could be improved? “
The suggested solution is centered around the construction process, instead of the end product. With the vision in mind; if the quality in the project organization is ideal, then the quality of the end product is ideal. To optimize the process, all the different expertise’s should be involved form the beginning. The early involvement of the expertise ́s hopefully will change the attitude in the business, from focusing on time, money and lack of confidence, to focusing on trust and teamwork.
The changes of attitude is going to take time. But it is important that the people, involved in the construction industry, changes attitude because, if they do not change they are going to lose in the long term.
The solution to the efficiency problem between the phases are, early involvement of the key persons with the needed expertise’s. Through a series of meetings, carefully planned through out the process, the key persons has to decide how to get the most efficient process. The person in charge of the project, needs to be a person, that can coordinate and communicate across the different expertise’s.
The suggested solution should be implemented in the private sector. This is because, the private projects are not bound, by the procurement rules, as the public, and public founded projects are. The private developers are free to select those people, he wants to work with.
The goal is, that the private sector should develop the solution further. When that is done, the new solution should form the basis for the implementation in the public sector.
Publication date1 Jun 2012
Number of pages180
ID: 63501272