Optimisation of solar air collector

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Piotr Matuszewski
  • Malgorzata Sawicka
The key case in this report is to investigate the solar air collector and to perform possible optimizations of it. Whole research is done on a model of solar air collector produced by Danish company SunEcoAir.
Firstly measurements concerning collector like air flow, temperature of air in the collector and pressure loss are performed. Additionally parameters describing weather like wind speed, solar radiation and outdoor temperature are checked. Simultaneously the power produced by solar cell is also measured. Secondly in order to check the performance of the collector the heat balance and efficiency is determined.
In order to optimize the performance several changes are made on the collector e.g. changing size of inlets.
Than on the basis of measurements and DRY file yearly performance of the collector was obtained. Additionally results from the measurements are compared with simulations.
Next solar air system is implemented into BSim in two different cases: firstly in summer house which is used normally at the weekends, and secondly in a normal family house for three people family.
Publication date28 Jun 2010
Number of pages103
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 33024871