• Allan Svabo Jónsson
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This thesis has been prepared in connection with the completion of the education Cand. Scient. Techn. Specializing in building informatics, at the University of Aalborg. The thesis deals with Optimization of Facilities Management in a municipal organization by means of information technology. The thesis is based on a relatively new Faroese municipality that is a result of a merger between two smaller municipalities.
Initially, studies of how operations and maintenance work traditionally takes place, who perform the various tasks and what assistive are used to perform these tasks. Overall, there found that it is the municipality's two caretakers who carries the task to monitor the need for maintenance and undertake the planning and economic evaluation of maintenance work. While there are no general guidelines for building standard. Although the caretakers are skilled in their work, it can be difficult to keep track of all the tasks, especially in the case of one man to several properties and that it can be difficult to provide an overview and assessment of a realistic financial budget of more than one years ahead.
Based on the identified needs are studied and described the international, national and industry initiatives taken to promote the use of IT, as well as the technological basis within the construction and operational business.
The technological basis and IT promotion initiatives form the basis for developing a solution. The proposed solution includes the establishment of a facilities management function and a description of specific IT tools for use in FM function.
Finally, the thesis content is concluded and discussed, and put into perspective on future opportunities with the use of digital tools, and what can be further developed.
Publication date9 Jan 2014
Number of pages68
ID: 175474185