• Mónica Sanz Garcia Salmones
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Control strategies for shutting down wind
turbines are essential to improve the reliability
of offshore wind energy under extreme
wind conditions, which are expected
to become more frequent in the North Sea
area. The main objective of this thesis
is to investigate and verify operational
storm strategies for offshore wind farms.
These strategies involve coordinated shutdowns
of wind turbines to avoid disturbance
in the utility grids. The proposed
storm strategies are tested using a MATLAB
Simulink wind farm model based on
the Horns Rev I wind farm. The shutdown
performance is tested with several
proposed wind profiles to evaluate its correct
operation in different meteorological
conditions. The power and voltage responses
resulting from different shutdown
procedures are thoroughly analyzed and
discussed to determine the optimal shutdown
strategy for the specific case study.
The chosen strategy aims to strike a balance
between achieving a rapid shutdown
of the entire wind farm, minimizing voltage
drops, and ensuring a smooth transition
to the idle state.
SpecialisationWind Power Systems
Publication date2 Jun 2023
Number of pages53
ID: 532656665