• Gurudatta Lamichhane
The era of the information society has empowered consumers, where consumers are in the center part of every product and service innovation. Consumer can now easily gain access to more information, compare services, and generate their demand and make best decision with the help of internet. The web 2.0 technology, particularly social media play an important role in today's society, where users generate huge amount of content, which is then shared or exchanged among communities publicly. These information is taken as recommendation in the e-commerce or e-business communities.
Lately, the popularity of online (peer) reviews is greatly increasing and researcher are mainly focusing on the study of online reviews, and their impact on customer decision process. This thesis identified the major interest groups of online reviews, i.e. consumer, marketer/company and platform provider as an ecosystem and aims to examine how these reviews been perceived by its interest groups.
Consumers are information seekers, who eagerly read/write online reviews to facilitate on buying process. Companies use these information to build or maintain their online reputation as well as improve their product/service offerings. Similarly, platform providers have opportunities to create values to consumers as well as companies/marketers by providing ICT platforms.
At the end of the report, it has been suggested an online reviews organizing model for all interest groups, i.e., Decision-Making-Model through Online Reviews.
SpecialisationBusiness Development
Publication date7 Sept 2018
Number of pages99
ID: 286677134