• Reem Shakra
How do the Syrian refugees experience a sense of belonging in their temporary settlement in Denmark? And how does the so-called “paradigm shift” affect their sense of belonging? In this thesis I explore how those Syrians perceive the meaning of belonging and in which way it is constructed. I aim also to shed the light on their coping strategies which they apply to adapt to their current situation. Further, to capture their experience in its context I will take into consideration the new implemented law of temporary residence and repatriation to their home country when the situation is stabilised and safe there.
The understanding of the Syrian refugees belonging in this thesis is drawn Nira Yuval-Davis theoretical perspectives on belonging and the politics of belonging through intersectional lens to deeply elaborate on the experience of those Syrians. In this sense, utilizing a qualitative approach based on data collected through qualitative semi-structured interviews with seven Syrian refugees constitutes profound help to grasp the real experience of those Syrian refugees.
Publication date15 Apr 2020
Number of pages67
ID: 330943074