• Jannie Bak Pedersen
This master’s thesis examines how organic consumption and consumer identity are constructed by Danish and British consumers and by the two organic associations Økologisk Landsforening in Denmark and Soil Association in Great Britain. This is investigated through interpretations of text material in the form of questionnaire responses from Danish and British organic consumers and texts from the two organic associations. Applying Fairclough’s three-dimensional approach to CDA and James R Martin og Peter R R White's appraisal system in an overall methodological frame, the analyses draw on Michael Porter’s (1990) theory on value chains, Pierre Bourdieu’s (1980, 1992) notions on habitus and social capital, and Alexanne Don’s (2007) approach to analyzing textual identity construction by means of the appraisal system.
Publication date30 May 2014
Number of pages74
ID: 197121952