• Jonatan Emil Simonsen
The piglets in the pig industry have multiple difficulties in the beginning of their life. SEGES Innovation is working on an incubator using artificial teats to reduce the number of piglets dying shortly after birth.
This thesis proposes the usage of object detection by using variations of a Faster R-CNN. The architectures are trained and tested using a custom dataset, which have been gathered in collaboration with SEGES Innovation. The models strive towards detecting piglets using the artificial teats to feed in the incubator, and determine the piglet drinking.
The results shows, that the piglet could be detected drinking with an AP of 39.5% using a threshold of 0.7, and distinguishing between the piglets had an AP of 27.4%.
Overall the models did not achieve to detect a piglet feeding using the artificial teats with high precision.
Publication date2 Jun 2022
Number of pages65
External collaboratorSEGES Innovation P/S
Chefforsker Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen vam@seges.dk
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ID: 471994351