Novel BDT-difluorophenyl polymers for organic photovoltaics

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Morten Mortensen
  • Christian Linnebjerg Lavsen
4. Term, Chemistry, Master (polyt) (Master Programme)
This project aimed to synthesize a novel BDT-
based donor-acceptor (D-A) copolymer con-
taining di
uorophenyl, and to make organic
photovoltaic devices and characterise these.
The highest PCE obtained was 8%. CV, UV-
VIS and AFM was performed to study the
characteristics of the devices more in depth.
In addition to the novel polymer, four poly-
mers were synthesised based on two acceptors
and two donors, the donors having either fu-
ran or thiophene branching out from the BDT
backbone. These were used for devices to
study the impact of exchanging oxygen for sul-
phur in the aromatic system of the polymer.
The thiophene containing polymer proved to
outperform the furan containing polymer.
Publication date30 May 2016
Number of pages65
ID: 234439019