• Palle Lang Nielsen
  • Florian Marcus Fries
4. semester, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis sought to investigate the optimal configuration for vortex generators (VG’s) for increase of performance in fin and tube heat exchangers. This was done with a conjugate heat transfer CFD model and numerical optimisation based on a surrogate model and a genetic algorithm. A total of five parameters were investigated: Angle of attack, VG -length and height and x - and y-coordinates of the VG’s relative to the tube centre. The numerical optimisation produced a configuration, that yielded a heat transfer increase of ≈ 24% with a pressure drop increase ≈ 7% in comparison to a plain fin geometry. The new configuration was compared with results from the CFD model. The CFD model showed that the optimisation had a deviation of 1.91% on the loss coefficient and 0.06% of the Nusselt number.
Publication date31 May 2019
Number of pages111
External collaboratorVestas Aircoil A/S
PhD Claus Ibsen ci@vestas-aircoil.com
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ID: 304812483