• Klara Kacetlov√°
This project focuses on a numerical model of water temperature in a water
retention pond and on impact of discharged water on an adjacent stream.
Numerical model of water retention pond is based on energy balance of thermal
fluxes which affect water temperature in the pond. The developed model
has been used to investigate pond dimensions, especially water surface area.
Furthermore, an effect of a runoff water has been modelled. To investigate
how organisms live in the stream are affected by discharged water from the
pond, the model of the stream water temperature in the discharge point has
been developed. Trout population has been chosen to represent a sensitive
specious. This model of the stream is based on modelled water temperature
in the pond, the volume of the discharge of the pond, a measured water
temperature upstream and a flow in the stream before discharge point.
Publication date8 Jun 2020
Number of pages72
External collaboratorOrbicon
PhD Anja Thomsen ANJA@orbicon.dk
ID: 333794340