• Spyridon Spanos
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
For the thesis semester, the authors, fuelled by their own life experience and driven by their recently acquired knowledge upon lighting design and their desire for implementation, attempted to create user centered lighting scenarios in order to generate awareness among the average users for the qualities of light in indoors living spaces.

Initially they started by defining the concept of a lighting culture and prove that in the European region there are two: the North and the South. The followed process was a combination of investigations of academic papers, a book with interviews from 49 lighting designers around the world and an online survey with participants from four countries: Denmark and Lithuania for the North and Greece and Italy for the South. They started by collecting general knowledge about lighting cultures (academic papers and interviews) and narrowed it down to the preferences of the end user upon the functions taking place in an apartment. More specific and for various reasons analysed in the research, socializing at the living room with a lot of people and eating at the kitchen with guests. An on-site testing took place with actual participants from the four pre mentioned countries, aiming to evaluate the design. The product used for the implementation was Orb by Shade, a lighting fixture with various abilities.

According to the test results and the collected knowledge, the authors proved that there are two lighting cultures in Europe and created a process that if followed could be beneficiary for both the manufactures and the end users. Most importantly, by providing various lighting scenarios, they created awareness about the qualities of light and inspired people into investing in a fixture that could provide those possibilities in lighting
Publication date2 Jun 2017
Number of pages95
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