New Viking Age Museum at Bygdøy

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Audun Wold Andresen
  • Simon Rhode Malm
4. term, Architecture (, Master (Master Programme)
This Master Thesis deals with the design and organization of an extension to an existing museum, located at a small peninsula near Oslo, Norway. The peninsula, Bygdøy, is home to several museums including the Viking Ship Museum, which expectedly, within the distant future is publishing a long awaited competition for a comprehensive museum extension. The extension has been widely discussed, with an official competition announcement pending for over twenty ears. In June 2013 however, steps towards concrete actions was made, with the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo drafting a set of preliminary documents intended as the foundation of the forthcoming competition. This project takes its departure in these preliminary documents, with this report presenting the results of the project development.

Exploring the notion of a tectonic architecture within the context of museums and exhibition design, this project encompasses both the theoretical discourse regarding the subjects of tectonics and museum architecture, as well as an analysis concerning the site, background and design possibilities. An essential theme throughout the report is the conflict of creating an architecture that speaks to the human body, creating interaction and spatial experiences, while simultaneously considering the exhibited objects, which should be the center of attention.
Publication date25 May 2015
Number of pages148
ID: 212868275