Neuro-rehabilitation Center Brønderslev

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Pernille Søgaard Sørensen
  • Kristina Lisbeth Nielsen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis developed at Aalborg University, ‘Architecture, Design and Media Technology’ . It takes it starting point from creating a new neuro-rehabilitation center in Brønderslev.
The motivation for this project is a current debate of the future for the Neuro.rehabilitation Center in Brønderslev. ‘Region Nordjylland’ has decided that all neuro-rehabilitation in the region should be gathered at one location. At the time being it is still uncertain if that location could be Brønderslev. Brønderslev has been a keypoint of this ongoing debate. This project places the neuro-rehabilitation center in Brønderslev.
The vision for the project is to create a building that can give equal accessibility for anyone. This is done to give the patients an experience of independence. The Building is divided into two overall elements; the place for perspective and the place for contemplation. The patient have the opportunity to be perspective of the current situation and well as contemplated in the daily training.
The project is based on the theories and potential of ‘Healing Architecture’ as well as a discussion of sustainability and accessibility. This creates the overall form of the building. The building is orientated towards the sun and the green surroundings.
Publication date25 Jun 2015
Number of pages133
ID: 213835132