Network failure detection using type systems in DπF

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Raúl Martínez Pérez
  • Jorge Martín García
  • Jose Luis López Sánchez
The main objective of our project is to prevent unwanted deaths of the locations that conform a network. In order to do that, we build Type Systems to control if a network defined with DπF has any premature killing (kill-safe) or unwanted murder (migration-safe). We use the typing rules of the type systems to analyze the DπF code of a network to be able to say if it will have the expected behaviour. Firstly the main characteristics of DπF are explained. Later, the different options of kill-safety are analyzed and an unimportance predicate is presented as a generalization of the previous kill-safety proposals. A type system for kill-safety is also presented. Afterwards, an improvement to the previous system is introduced in order to control the murders from a location to another one. Finally the problem of indirect murders is analyzed and a new type system is developed as its solution. This report ends with the main project conclusions and the proposal of some further work.
Publication dateJun 2009
ID: 61075573