• Lis Nowak
10. term, Master in Environmental Management (Master Programme)
This master thesis takes its inspiration in the problems with the lacking of nature quality in the management of the open land of Denmark. It is seen as an opportunity that the new Danish Centre of Environment are making plans for the water- and nature environment, which are further implemented through the plans of act in the municipalities. Through this report a “step by step”-guide is presented as a tool for the Danish municipalities, with the intention of guiding to more nature in the open land and a better nature quality. The foundation for this is based on three part elements; 1. An analysis of what nature and nature quality is, based on philosophical approaches and the opinion of average people. Together with an analysis of “Sustainability” and “The good life”, which all together gives a view of why people act as they do, what we actually want from nature and in nature, and finally what type of nature quality we are looking for? 2. An analysis of the development in Danish nature policy starting in 2001 where the Wilhjelm Committee states that the nature in Denmark never has had it worse, and on to the reform of 2007. The intention of this analysis is to find the good solutions towards higher nature quality which have not been implemented yet, or who has been implemented and is in the need of improvements. 3. And at last an analysis of the management in real life, and how the intentions in policy not necessary is placed and successfully implemented in the national acts and in the everyday life. As a reflection on the guide this report ends with a discussion of the possibilities of successful implementation based on implementation theory. Central conclusions of this report is, that the municipalities have to change their view of nature, and they have to do a lot more cooperation with the local citizens, green institutions and different kind of associations in order to manage with the set up frames regarding higher nature quality.
Publication date2008
Number of pages136
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 14458682