• Marie Krogh Jessen
6. term, Sociology, Bachelor (Bachelor Programme)
With a Bourdieusian approach this project concerns itself with students transition from education to work life. It is the presupposition that there is an existing gap between the values in the educational system and the values in the various fields of work life. To increase odds of being employed, or rather lessen the chance of ending up unemployed, students often engage in different extracurricular activities in addition to their specific education of choice. There is natural competition about obtaining jobs, but given the economic and social situation in society the competition has become increasingly and significantly tough. It appears that these extracurricular activities have become mandatory in order to have a chance of getting a job – or so the current discourse concerning this phenomenon suggests. The following project will explore this phenomenon and identify the various strategies individuals may employ in the struggle for a job after graduation.
Publication date4 Jun 2013
Number of pages115
ID: 77166859