• Anders Juul Jellesen
  • Esben Billeskov Poulsen
This final project on surveyor 10th sem.
rooted in a curiosity about why private
developers fail to implement local
plans adopted at its desired. The
project stems from an observation made
in a municipal management. The project
describes a theoretical starting point
dealing with implementation of planning
and planning affect on the real estate
market. In addition, describe the problem
through a case study of four areas in
Aalborg City. The case study aims from
empirical observations to clarify the
planning and economic development of
local planned properties owned by private
developer companies, where the
realization is completely or partially absent.
The project demonstrates through case
study and theory of the economic potential
new local planning allows for letting a
property sit.
Publication date7 Jun 2012
Number of pages105
ID: 63593505