• Erik Frej Knudsen
  • Emo Helmer Nuijens
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
This thesis presents the design and development process of Uncharted Chants, a game that is focused on training music perception for cochlear implant (CI) users. The main fo- cus of this project is to make music training engaging and fun by utilizing game-based learning principles. Our approach is to use real-time imple- mented physical models to synthesize the sounds with the purpose of em- ulating real instruments. An evalua- tion is presented, in the form of perfor- mance, usability, and user experience tests, for both normal-hearing listeners and CI users. Results show that the implemented game concept can have positive effects on the level of engage- ment toward music training exercises. Next to this, the models for synthesiz- ing sounds are perceived as realistic and allow for small timbre differences to be perceived based on different in- teractions.
Publication date25 May 2022
Number of pages84
External collaboratorOticon Danmark AS
Marianna Vatti mvat@oticonmedical.com
ID: 471357276