• Karina Michelle Thomas Stevenson
4. term, Music, Master (Master Programme)
The aim of the current pilot study was to investigate the relationship between music education and the development of language skills. The justification for this investigation was inspired by previous research, which reported a correlation between beat synchronization skills and oral reading fluency (Tierney & Kraus, 2013c). The present study expanded on these results by exploring whether beat synchronization skills also correlate with second language reading fluency. In addition, the current study was designed as an intervention in order to determine if music training with a focus on beat synchronization affects the development of language skills. Furthermore, heart rate data was recorded in the present study in order to investigate potential correlations between heart rate and tapping or reading performance, which may help to further explain the relationship between music and language abilities. The results of the current study partially support the previous findings by Tierney and Kraus (2013c) that beat synchornization skills significantly correlate with reading fluency. The English reading performances evaluated in the current study were carried out by non-native English speakers, which provides evidence in support of the first hypothesis that beat syncrhhonzation skills also positively correlate with second langauge reading skills. Due to the low amount of statistically significant results, there was a lack of support for the second and third hypotheses that music training would affect language skills and that heart rate would correlate with tapping or reading performance. However, there were a number of trends observed in this pilot study which indicate the possibility that future studies with access to greater resources and refined methodological procedures may find an increased amount of statistically significant evidence supporting the notion that music training has the potential to benefit language development.
SpecialisationGeneral Music
Publication date1 Jun 2015
Number of pages107
ID: 213342142