• Jacob Jon Jensen
  • Niels Nørgaard Samuelsen
  • Christoffer Samuel Nielsen
4. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
In this project we work with multiple static segmentation of videos, which is the creation of multiple complementary segmentations of the pixels in a video. The work is based on a recently proposed method for multiple segmentation of image stacks and our own work on improving this method. We change the underlying probabilistic model from being non-temporal to being based on Gaussian processes. We experiment with different mean functions for the Gaussian process, and show how we can use a piecewise linear function as a mean function to obtain good segmentations. We find that the method is able find multiple interesting structures in videos, and also segmentations that we were unable to find with our previous method, it does however not give better results in all cases. We also do dimensionality reduction on the data using PCA, and show that we can obtain good results with a far shorter running time.
Publication date8 Jun 2015
Number of pages72
ID: 213766563