MultiBin - Master thesis: Multifunctional sorting system

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Emma Dolmer
4. semester, Entrepreneurial Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This project is a master thesis and is written as a part of the Master Degree in Entrepreneurial Engineering at Aalborg University.
The master thesis focuses on garbage sorting in small private households in Denmark. This report is a process report and show the development process and the steps taken to get from an idea to a concept development of the product “MultiBin”.

In Denmark the government focusing a lot on garbage sorting, meaning that the municipalities makes a big effort in reusing garbage, but also reducing the CO2 emissions and making Denmark a greener country. A plan from the government called “Denmark without waste” are working on reducing the garbage, so that 50% of all household garbage will be reused by 2022. This means that all households needs to sort their garbage and reuse as much as possible.
A problem here is that the government have not been clear in how to sort the garbage and the different municipalities had then been making their own plans, resulting in 98 different ways of sorting the garbage within Denmark. The common plan for how to sort the garbage in the future had just been released in may 2020, so the implementation of this plan had not begun yet. This report will therefore build on the old information about garbage sorting (from before may 2020).
Another problem regarding garbage sorting is lack of space in the kitchen can be a problem in small households. This report are focusing on solving this problem, so citizens living in small apartments have the same opportunities for sorting their garbage.

During the development process had a market research been done and a place on the market had been found. The products on the market right now are all too big for the small kitchen. Different concepts had therefore been made, both in drawing and build as mockups i cardboard.
A few user tests had also been made, in the process of finding the right concept. The plan here was to do more user tests, but because of Covid-19, was that not a possibility.

The final concept ended up being a multifunctional garbage bin with room for both a normal garbage bag and a bin with multiple sections, which the user can adjust themselves. The bin fits into a small kitchen and into the small household.

The plan for the business builds on the understanding of a freelance company, who are making concepts for bigger companies. This is an advantage because of the simple design and competition on the market.

A wide range of different methods and tools within the field of design and entrepreneurship had been used during the project. The data and the relevant knowledge used during this project is obtained from desk-research, literature, test, prototypes and a little field research.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages118
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