• Malene Ravn
Oh no, not again - the garden is covered by water! What to do? Call the utility company responsible for drainage of wastewater!Dealing with water is their task and responsibility. They have the suitable profession and experience required for dealing with high groundwater levels. And yes, when it comes to both profession and experience the utility company responsible for drainage of waste water is up for the task but why do they refuse to help a desperate citizen in need? Why are the utility company compelled to avoid dealing with high groundwater levels when they have the needed knowledge, skills and infrastructure easily adaptable so that they could also embrace dealing with high groundwater levels?
In order to describe the current legal framework a study of the present law specifically focused on the utilities’ responsibilities and field of action is conducted. This also includes clarifying the regulation and planning of the utilities field of action. On this basis it is possible to determine whether the present law can embrace a professional solution to the problems with high groundwater levels as suggested. Finally, a recommendation is made for the utilities concerning their future work in this field.
Publication dateJun 2018
Number of pages89
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