Effect on MTB performance via 10-20-30 trainíng

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Christian Klug
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate 10-20-30 interval training on an exercise bike and MTB training in the terrain, in order to improve the subjects' general fitness and performance on 1 and 6 km MTB ride in terrain.
The method I used to examine my thesis was by testing 3 experimental groups of 10 persons each in 6 weeks. The subjects were all students at Fjerritslev High School. The groups consisted of a mountain bike group (MTB), a 10-20-30 group and a control group. MTB Group was supposed to run a set route of 3-4 km, 3 times a week. The 10-20-30 Group would work out after 10-20-30 method 3 times a week for 4 x 4-5 minutes with a 1 minute break in between. The control group should just continue their normal lifestyle.
The results showed that the MTB group and the 10-20-30 Group both managed to improve their fitness and performance times of 1 and 6 km mountain bike route. The control group had worsening in both fitness and performance times at post-test. I did not discover any significant difference in the improving results of fitness between the MTB group and 10-20-30 group. I did find a significant difference in the results of performance times on 1 and 6 km, between the MTB group and the 10-20-30 group.
In my conclusion I can establish that the 10-20-30 group achieved the greatest improvement in fitness and performance time from pre to post. The fitness improvement was, however, not significantly higher than the MTB group’s improvement. The training consequences / effects for the MTB group and the 10-20-30 group has been an improvement of fitness and performance time on both 1 and 6 km distance.
Publication date3 Jun 2016
Number of pages44
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