Motivationel factors in physical activity in primary school

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Lars Ørum Pedersen
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis investigates motivational factors included in physical activities in schools that engage students to active participation.

The research question is answered by a pragmatic grounded approach where empirical data is gathered through observations of a 6th and 7th grade in two primary schools in Aalborg. The observed physical activities are categorized based on this master thesis’ selected frame of reference for physical activities in school context. The master thesis presents previous studies from same research field and gathers motivational factors for young people in- and outside of school. The categorized physical activities are analysed and discussed from relevant motivation theories and earlier discovered motivational factors. It is concluded that the motivational factors in physical activities are students’ ability to cooperate and be physical active with friends, that the activities include self-determining motives, have a teacher-controlled goal which are concordant by the students’ academic and physical skills and that the students appreciate that the activities are interesting, fun and entertaining. It is furthermore concluded that the derived motivational factors have divergent impact on the students’ motivation for participation. The project is put into perspective and it is pointed out that there is a lack of knowledge in this field. It is the desire of the master thesis author to create attention to allow further research. This will seek to create better conditions for teachers and professionals working with physical activity in school.
Publication date2 Jun 2015
Number of pages115
ID: 213120728