• Enes Aydogan
4. term, European Studies, Master (Master Programme)
European Union Cohesion Policy (Regional Policy) traces back to the inception of the European Union. With the enhancement of a deeper and wider integration of European Communities, Cohesion Policy (CP) has significantly evolved and expanded its sphere. This has entailed CP to never have an absolute form. CP has therefore been reformedduring this time since it was put into force and its objectives have been revised constantly.Economic and social disparities between the Member States in enlarging Europe were the main motivations that dragged CP to an ever evolving process. Therefore, these reforms have aimed to bring a comprehensive approach in tackling these issues. Accordingly, this paper questions why CP of the EU has been reformed many times. The thesisfirst presents an extended research of the CP both theoretically and practically. In the latter, CP objectives, which are social, economic and territorial objectives have been analysed practically. The analysis also demonstrates the position of clustered group of Member States (MS) on specific diagrams that pinpoint them to reveal the results of these reforms.
Publication date1 Apr 2013
Number of pages51
ID: 75083214