• Katrine Brygger Hansen
  • Lisa Høg Sørensen
  • Mette Skov Abildgaard
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
The thesis is based on the amateur departments in Sparta Atletik og Motion and Aalborg Atletik & Motion, and how these two unions can develop. Therefore, the members’ motivation is examined through the Self-Determination Theory, as well as the two unions organization and culture are analyzed through the use of Edgar Scheins cultural theory. The empirical data is collected through structured and semi-structured interviews with members, coaches, administration, management and the chairman of Dansk Atletik Forbund. Based on the results it can be concluded that members’ motivation is greatly influenced by the social aspect, including both social interaction and participation in training content. The results also show that there is a better match between the cultural levels in Sparta compared with AAM. In order to improve the organization and its culture, AAM must improve transparency and common instructions, guidelines and visions. Furthermore, the project includes a series of recommendations in which the two organizations can draw inspiration from, in relation to a development in a more profitable and growth-oriented direction. These recommendations include the development of different training opportunities, commercialization, professionalization and promotion.
Publication date2016
Number of pages98
ID: 225154931