• Julia Juma Pedersen
  • Amanda Würtz Bunk
Workplace exercise implementation is a complex and relevant topic that attracts significant attention as a recognized practice for promoting employee health. With adults spending considerable hours at work, addressing the increasing trend of inactivity and associated health issues is crucial. Challenges include elevated risks of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Integrating health-promoting initiatives into work routines, such as exercise, is essential to combat sedentary lifestyles and foster collaboration among colleagues. Traditional exercise offerings often have limited effectiveness, appealing mainly to already physically active individuals and sustaining participation for short periods. Tailored exercise programs that cater to individual preferences and needs are suggested for maximizing benefits. Involving employees in planning ensures successful implementation, including targeted group training. Workplace exercise has demonstrated positive effects on employee health, well-being, reduced sick leave, increased productivity, and employee engagement.

This thesis focuses on Beritech, an organization with an innovative approach to workplace exercise. They offer paid personal training during work hours and weekly group training sessions for all employees. This study investigates employee attitudes, experiences, and the potential impact of exercise during working hours at Beritech. Due to limited research on this topic, this investigation aims to understand the effects of Beritech's initiatives.
Qualitative research methods, including interviews and observations, will be used to collect data on employee perspectives. The analysis will explore how exercise during working hours influences employee health, well-being, and productivity. Differences in experiences and outcomes across employee groups will also be examined.
Anticipated results include insights into employee attitudes, experiences, and the effects of exercise during working hours on physical and mental well-being. This knowledge will contribute to the existing literature on workplace exercise and inform the customization of health-promoting initiatives by organizations like Beritech to maximize impact.

This study fills a research gap and has practical implications for workplace exercise practices. Understanding employee perspectives will aid organizations in making informed decisions to enhance employee health and well-being through tailored initiatives.
Publication date31 May 2023
Number of pages93
External collaboratorBeritech
Chief Legal Officer Thomas Pedersen tcp@beritech.dk
ID: 532374235