• Andrea Victoria Hernandez Bueno
  • Beatriz Fernandez Gomez
  • Malgorzata Anna Raczka
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The project attempts to catalyst the urban regeneration of district six through democratic design. District Six is one of the neighborhoods in Cape Town, South Africa, which went through a difficult period of relocations and demolitions due to the apartheid policy. The project deals with the land ownership problem, which has prevented the area’s development, by designing on its borders, found and defined during a study trip to Cape Town. The design proposal regenerates city life in District Six by catalyzing community-bonding processes through performative events (Performative Urbanism) implemented in selected points of interaction along the “border” of Keizersgracht Street (Urban Acupuncture and Landscape Urbanism). The project is heading toward creating a Democratic City, understood as togetherness.
Publication date23 Jun 2016
Number of pages184
ID: 233940515