• Jimmy Donbæk Jensen
  • Rune Halkjær Christensen
This project, titled ”Modernization of authority hearings by subdivision control”, deals with the possibilities to renew the hearing of the authorities regarding to the control of subdivision, consisting of the green and white declaration. The project is initiated by the current discussions of the renewal on the control of subdivision, which is occurred due to the disadvantages of the outdated green
declaration. Historic analysis of the hearing of the authorities and the digitization of the process for property formation leads to a deeper understanding of the problem. This creates a basis for closer analysis of the development of a new digital solution. The specific work on the control of subdivision and the entire presentation to the authorities have in this way an evident reference to a current major focus, the digitization and efficiency of the public administration. Through analysis of the current situation and interviews of the central participants in the process for control of subdivision considerations will be outlined for implementation and general conditions which a new solution must be complied with. Finally the project ends with a proposal for a prototype, which illustrates how a future fundamental solution would look like based on the selected choices and requirements.
Publication date2013
Number of pages132
ID: 77465500