• Tor Duerlund Emanuelsen
  • Viktor Frederik Pollas
This paper seeks to examine how Danish organizations can handle the risks and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, through strategic and leadership focused actions. In an attempt to find appropriate solutions on how to handle these changes, the paper will use Rita Gunther McGrath’s perspective on how strategic planning must evolve, and how the relational perspective on leadership can support this. Through the projects analysis and discussion, the ability and practicality of using said theories to handle the fourth industrial revolution, will be examined.
The paper eventually concludes that McGraths strategic perspective as well as the relational perspective on leadership, definitely are possible ways to deal with the revolution, but acknowledges that other possible methods to handle this situation with similar success exist, partly due to the complexity of leadership. On this basis the paper presents a series of reflective questions, that companies or leaders can ask themselves to better identify their position in this revolution, and whether, as well as how, these theories can help them succeed on the dynamic and volatile markets of tomorrow.
Publication date6 Jun 2018
Number of pages92
ID: 280440480