• Nicolae Badulescu
The recent energy policies imply that by 2050, Denmark should become independent from conventional fuels. The need for a clean and environmental friendly transportation systems requires a high integration level of electric vehicles. The main focus of this thesis consists in the determination of the maximum allowable wind power production, photovoltaic generation and electric vehicle charging for a typical distribution system, under various scenarios. First, a benchmark of a distribution grid is validated, in order to perform a steady-state analysis when renewable sources are integrated. The simulations are performed for both winter and summer scenarios. By gradually increasing the renewable quota, the maximum penetration level is determined by using a trial and error strategy, until the grid reaches the operational limit. Finally, five different EV charging strategies are implemented, by plugging-in the vehicles during peak-load hours and during the night.

Publication date31 Jul 2016
Number of pages65
ID: 237966481