• Bogdan-Mihai Brindusa
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
The predictions regarding the energy trends are showing that by 2050 Denmark should be fossil-fuel independent. Renewable generation being hardly predictable, the need of storing the energy in periods of extra generation, occurs. The main aim of this master thesis is to determine the maximum renewable generation that can be integrated in the system, using Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicles, as variable loads. Firstly, the validation of the IEEE 13 bus network is achieved, in order to have a suitable benchmark for the upcoming studies. Secondly, the maximum renewable generation is found by gradually increasing the integration level, for both January and July until one of the critical limits is reached. Furthermore, active and reactive power control methods are used to increase even further, the maximum renewable generation. Finally, a techno-economical study regarding the charging methods of the Electric Vehicles is studied, determining the profit the EV owners could benefit
SpecialisationElectric Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Publication date5 Jan 2018
Number of pages91
ID: 267060634