Modelling and control of a six legged mobile robot

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Sigurd Villumsen
The following master thesis concerns the
modelling and control of an autonomous, six
legged mobile robot, with 18 degrees of free-
dom. Three models were made, the first being
a kinematic model, describing the position of
the limbs of the robot based on the angles of
the servo motors. The second being an inverse
kinematic model, which derived the angles of
the servo motors to produce a given end point
position of the legs. And the third being a dy-
namic model, based on the iterative Newton-
Euler approach, combined with the dynamics
of a rigid free body. This dynamic model was
however not verified due to the lack of sensors
on the robot. A software system was designed
to make the mobile robot (MR) able to take
decisions regarding path planning, and a com-
puter vision system was implemented to make
theMR capable of line tracking. Finally a gait
generator was constructed, and based on this,
a controller was implemented. The controller
was able to make the MR track the black line,
but the designed software system was not im-
plemented due to hardware issues.
Publication date30 Jun 2010
Number of pages216
Publishing institutionAalborg University


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