Modelling spatial point patterns with linear structures

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Ronni Yde Post
4. term, Mathematics, Master (Master Programme)
The master's thesis is concerned with the issue of modelling spatial point patterns with linear structures. A dataset of Danish barrows is used as a starting-point for proposing a parametric model able to represent the kind of linear structures that are present in the dataset. For this purpose a combination of Poisson point processes and random independent displacement is used to represent line segments and points respectively. The model is analysed for the purpose of inference regarding the parameters and various approaches to model checking is performed. Simulations of the model, an algorithm for estimating parameters and functions for performing model checking has been implemented in R.
Publication date5 Jan 2012
Number of pages108
Publishing institutionDepartment of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University
ID: 58537379